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What is a 360 photo booth?

The 360 photo booth (also called a 360 video booth) is the latest trend coming out of the photo booth industry. It’s a music video-like experience where you and your guests are centre stage!

Up to 5 guests stand on a platform, while an arm carrying a high-quality video camera orbits 360 degrees around them. The videos are recorded at 240 frames/second, allowing for super slow-mo action!

The videos are then enhanced with custom overlays, music and special effects to create a memorable experience. Guests can also instantly share their videos on social media, text, & email.

How does it work?

Adding the Selfie 360 photo booth to your event will elevate it from just being a good time to being an amazing time in just four steps!

Guests are instructed by our on-site director on when and what to do on the platform.

The camera will rotate around and capture a video of guests dancing & posing.

After the video is captured the overlay, slow-mo effects & soundtrack are all automatically added.

Guests can share their new 360 photo booth video on email and social media.

What is included?

The Selfie 360 photo booth has everything you need, from unlimited videos to studio-quality lighting and instant sharing. It is also battery powered, so it can be used just about anywhere!

Unlimited Slow-Mo 360 videos

Custom-Designed Video Overlay

Studio-Quality LED Lighting

Battery Powered & Cordless

Your Own Online Video Gallery

Instant Email & Social Sharing

Fun & Interactive Props

Royalty-Free Music Soundtrack

Video Intro/Outro (Optional)

Unlimited Slow-Mo 360 videos

Custom-Designed Video Overlay

Studio-Quality LED Lighting

Battery Powered & Cordless

Your Own Online Video Gallery

Video Intro/Outro (Optional)

Instant Email & Social Sharing

Royalty-Free Music Soundtrack

Fun and Interactive Props

Selfie 360 Pricing

Our approach has always been to keep it simple. Select your hours, choose your extras and you’ve got your quote.

Aside from a travel cost calculated based on your location, there are no additional fees.

3 hours
4 hours
6 hours
Full Day

Want Some Extras?

There are many features included as standard with the Selfie 360, but sometimes you want something more.

You may want to brand the Selfie 360 photo booth with your company logo or use it inside one of our signature inflatable booths? These extras are then for you!

Inflatable Booth Enclosure R750

This is what we’re best known for, the inflatable booth. The Selfie 360 is placed inside allowing for some really fun shots with the inflatable booth’s bubbles as the backdrop.

Platform Branding R1,500

The Selfie 360 photo booth can be customised to fit any event. Whether you want it branded for an activation or you want your beautiful wedding monogram on display.

Red Carpet & Black Stanchions R500

With a red carpet leading up to the Selfie 360 and black stanchions surrounding it, your guests will feel like celebrities.

Video Slideshow on TV R750

All videos taken throughout the event are displayed for everyone to see. It creates better engagement, especially when people see how amazing the slow-mo videos look.

Why Trust Us?

As one of the highest-rated and most reviewed photo booth companies in South Africa, we know what it takes to deliver an exceptional experience. Take a look at our reviews below to see why.

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