Inflatable Photo Booths”

Inflatable photo booths are basically a big party bubble!

Compact enough to fit indoors, but big enough to fit a large group. Super easy to set up. It’s a fantastic option for indoor or outdoor events. 

Backdrop Photo Booths”

Backdrop photo booths – great for big groups! 

Choose from our standard grey, navy or black curtains. We can also create a custom backdrop for your event (ask us about this).

The green screen photo booth is especially popular. This option let’s you take a photo anywhere your heart desires. From Paris to Berlin 🙂 Backgrounds will be sourced to match your theme. Have a look at our extras to find out more. 

“The Solo Selfie Cube”

Have your own photo booth backdrop?

If your venue is a backdrop in itself or you want to showcase something you’ve personalised, why not use the Selfie Cube on its own?

Your photos will still look amazing with the DSLR-fitted Selfie Cube and professional studio lights.

Virtual Photo Booths”

For when everyone can’t be in the same place at the same time.

You can have your own personal virtual photo booth with features ranging from custom photo frames to automatic background removal

The Features

AI-Powered Background Removal

Virtual photo booth before image.Virtual photo booth before image.

A Live Event Gallery

Virtual photo booth gallery.

Filters & Digital Props

Virtual photo booth filters and props.

Custom Photo Frames

Virtual photo booth custom frames.

Can Be Used Anywhere

Virtual photo booth location independent.

Take a Photo, GIF or Boomerang

Virtual photo booth Stills, GIFS & Boomerangs.

Custom Prints

We create your custom print design to be just like your event – unique and special.

We offer either photo strip of A6 (postcard) sized prints.


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