Frequently asked questions 

Question 1: what is a Selfie Cube even? 🙂  

Does the Selfie Cube need power?

Yes, we do need power to be supplied by the client. The power input needs to be less than 20 m from the desired Selfie Cube set-up area as we make use of a 20 meter extension lead.

We know not all events have standard requirements and we’ll always try to work with what you have. If you have an alternative set-up (i.e. you are running your own generator or not using traditional electrical supply) please inform us prior to the event so that we can determine the compatibility of the Selfie Cube with your set up.

How many photos can my guests take?

All Selfie Cube packages include unlimited photos. This means that you could have people in the Selfie Cube for every minute of your booth hire. After each photo session your guests will receive one print. If they want more prints then they can have another photo session (it takes 2 minutes).

If you want to have more than 1 copy of each photo printed, you can add on double prints.This means we print 2 copies of each picture, instead of 1 copy per group. 

Can I have a message or logo displayed on the prints?

Yes, you can. Our branded prints have space for your message, logo or corporate branding. Tell us what you want and we’ll customise it for you.

If you’re looking for more branding or customisation opportunities, we can brand the backdrop for the booth and the Selfie Cube device itself (with vinyls).

When does my package time start?

Our operators will arrive prior to the agreed start-time to set up the booth. The set-up time does not make up part of your hire time. Your package time starts at the time agreed to with the Selfie Cube booking agent.

How do we get the booth to our event?

​Selfie Cube handles all transportation and set up. The operator and the booth will arrive at your event and set up before the agreed start-time. This same operator will man the Selfie Cube for the duration of your event, and once the hire time has wrapped up, they will take it down and take the booth to Selfie Cube HQ for a good night’s rest. 

We charge a base fee of R250 for setup & travel in the central Randburg area. Outside of this area, we charge SARS rates of R3.61 per kilometre.

​What if we’re running late?

If you need to delay the start time, the agreed end time for booth hire will not be adjusted. Delays due to event related issues (incl. late arrivals, proceedings running over time, power outages, etc.) will unfortunately make up part of your booked hire time. E.g. if the booth is booked from 18:00 to 20:00 on a 2-hour package and the booth is only used from 19:00, the end time remains 20:00.

What if we want you to stay?

This is great! It means you are having a fantastic time with us and the Selfie Cube! We can’t always guarantee that we’ll be stay longer than your booked time, as we may have other events following yours, or the operator may not be available for longer. But, we will try our best to accommodate you if we can.

If you want to extend the hire time, you are welcome to talk to the operator and find out whether the booth is available for additional hours. If the booth is available and you choose to extend the hire time, payment would need to be made on the spot at a rate of R700 p/hour. 

Do you require a deposit?

​A deposit of 50% is required on acceptance of your quote, with the remaining balance due to be ​settled 72 hours before the event.