3 Ways Photo Booths Have Become Way Better

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Photo booths have gotten way better over the last few years. A simple Google search for affordable photo booths anywhere in Gauteng will likely turn up dozens of quality options for you to choose from. It’s exactly this competitiveness which has led to photo booths improving so much in the last 5 years. This is great news for you, the customer, and with just a little bit of research, you get awesome, modern, affordable photo booths.

Here are 3 ways photo booths have become better in the last 5 years.

1. Connectivity

Many photo booths are now kitted out with the software and equipment to share photos instantly. Social media and email sharing are increasingly popular at events that are hoping to create a buzz. Photos are shared to dedicated event pages and instantly available to the public or a closed event group, depending on the preference. A dedicated event handle, live stream event screens and cloud galleries are all ways many photo booths can be a marketing asset at your event.

Photo booths today aren’t just a great event activity and take-home memento, it’s also an effective and fun to increase your event exposure and brand awareness.

People sharing with affordable photo booths.

2. Portable Photo Booths = Affordable Photo Booths

Remember mall photo booths? They were fixed installations that had were usually placed close to a games arcade or some other area young people were likely to hang out. These booths were dependent on the center’s foot traffic and had long stretches where they may not have seen any customers. Today’s photo booths are portable and can easily move between several events on the same day. This means more consistent use is had from equipment, allowing the operating costs to be shared between different events. The result? More affordable photo booths for you!  

3. Better Cameras

These days the decision about which photo booth to use can be made a lot more according to your style or design preference and you don’t have to stress too much about going premium in order to get great quality photos. Given how much photo booths have improved, the majority now offer DSLR quality prints. Even affordable photo booths are going to give you much the same end-product as a ‘VIP photo booth’. The price difference is often because of the design and premium appearance. What look do you want for your event?

Many photo booth companies import relatively basic photo booths from China and while these should still give you good pics, you may not like your booth to look like a shopping mall information panel. However, these are also quite hardy and can be good for children’s parties. 

Some photo booth companies have handmade, locally produced photo booths and others have designs imported from Europe. These are better looking booths, but if you go with a basic/mass produced product, you aren’t necessarily compromising too much on quality. Have a look at the company’s website or social media to see the quality of the pictures, as well as the design of the photo booth before you make your decision. 

Whatever you decide to go with, you’re more likely today than ever before to be getting affordable photo booths that deliver quality and a lot of fun!

A DSLR Camera.