Photo booths used to be pretty ugly. A small little cubicle with a heavy curtain and a basic webcam to immortalize your experience at the bowling alley. It could have been mistaken for a dodgy detainment area at an airport in Thailand. Luckily, a few years ago, photo booths became pretty! Well, some of them, anyway.

Have you scoured Google for a photo booth and felt overwhelmed by all of the options? We’re sure you’ve wondered why there are so many different companies who seemingly offer the same service. So, we’re here to help you decide what kind of booth is your style. The most common booths you’ll find these days include:

1. Open-air Photo Booth

These booths are great for big groups and the number of people you can fit in them is only limited by the floorspace you have available. Open-air photo booths can mean a lot of things. It could just be the device that takes the photos – like the Selfie Cube – with an existing background you have at your venue. Think of walls covered in ivy, retro-looking exposed brick or a beautiful skyline. Or, it could be a big custom-made backdrop or green screen. The open-air photo booth is our most popular option due to its versatility.

2. Old School Photo Booth

And not necessarily in the cool 80s hip-hip kind of way. These photo booths sometimes operate with webcams and older equipment. They’ll often have a hard booth structure which is completely closed off to the outside. Now, we’re all for a bit of privacy, but we think the contemporary inflatable booths are far more appealing when you want a private photo space.

3. Inflatable Photo Booth

This option is basically a big party bubble. Big enough to fit a large group, and super easy to set up, this is a great option for indoor or outdoor events.

Of course, there are a number of variations on the above, and many other types of photo booths. These are just some of the most prevalent options you’ll find in an online search. One of the most interesting designs we’ve seen include mirror photo booths, which look like a portrait style framed mirror, but is actually an interactive, reflective photo taking device. There are also bus booths for outdoor events, which could be fun for smaller groups.

Once you’ve selected your photo booth type, you have even more choices, usually at an additional charge. Depending on the provider, you could have options for customised backdrops, personalised props, green screen, guestbooks – where all attendees can leave you a message and a copy of their picture. Some photo booth companies also offer Boomerangs, 360-degree photos, handheld photo booths, and many more exciting add-ons.

While not all photo booths are the same in design and extras offerings, most photo booths all strive to deliver you the same things: fun for guests and memories everyone can take home with them. Despite operating in an era of ubiquitous access to decent quality phone cameras, it’s possibly this fact that has kept photo booths in demand. You can’t edit the photos yourself and the friend who took the pictures can’t choose the one image where she looks better than everyone else to post on social media! Yes, take that, Kelsey! We’re kidding, we love Kelsey. But the beauty of this experience is that you are all in it together and that’s part of the fun. The uncensored, unedited reality of a hard copy, printed photo. But don’t worry, because we have unlimited printing, you can take as many photos as you need to get it just the way you like it.